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Email Marketing

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82% of people said that they would be likely to act on an offer delivered through email. Among those that felt email was well targeted, this already high number rose to 91%.
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Do You Want Beautiful, Smart, Relevant Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to keep in constant contact with your customers. You can send them messages when you have a large sale, special event or a monthly newsletter letting them know what’s new and exciting. People carry their phones everywhere and can access their email wherever they are. In effect, this allows them to carry around your deals with them so they always have access to them.

We have templates that are customizable to look and feel like your brand standards so everything you send will look like the business your customers know.

Upload your email list from Outlook, Excel, Gmail and more with ease. We handle the rest: bounces, unsubscribes and inactive emails update automatically.

To have a successful email campaign, you must monitor campaigns, track responses, target and test. With our interactive dashboard, we allow you to see your results in real time. Furthermore, we allow you to see who’s clicking where and can manage your database for you. Sometimes people do unsubscribe. It’s okay, but you want to make sure you don’t continue to email people who have unsubscribed. After all, you don’t want people to think negatively of your brand.

In conclusion, the best part of email marketing is that it’s quick, inexpensive per contact and offers a strong potential return on investment.

Our email services follow email marketing best practices – including CAN-SPAM compliant opt-in functionality – so your customers can trust you.