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ID ENGINE, Database Marketing

ID ENGINE™ is a Direct Mail marketing program we developed that improves the quality of your database, which directly results in the efficiency of your marketing and boosts your sales. Then, we can overlay demographic information and lifestyle segmentations to your file. Once your database is cleaned, we send a targeted mailer to each recipient for 1-to-1 marketing. Because of personalized and relevant messaging unique to each recipient, the results skyrocket!


94% of companies say that personalization is critical to current and future success, but yet only 5% of companies personalize extensively. In short, this is shocking!

Personalizing your Direct Mail piece with the resident’s name dramatically increases the likelihood of it being opened and read. Now, add on top of that segmentation through demographics, psychographics and trends of your audience communicated through graphic design with variable data printing. As a result, your likelihood of moving your prospect to making a purchasing decision increases by 85%!

In conclusion, Direct Mail marketing with ID ENGINE is a highly profitable marketing channel that, when executed, delivers great returns and high response rates.

As a result, your response rates, conversion rates and revenue skyrocket with ID ENGINE direct marketing programs!


Database Marketing

Identify your non-customers by full name for personalized marketing and watch your bottom line soar!

See your response rates, conversion rates and revenue skyrocket with ID ENGINE direct marketing programs!

Here’s how ID ENGINE works:

ID Engine - Identify


customers by name, location and demographics

ID ENGINE - Personalize


each mailer with related messaging and offers unique to each recipient for 1-to-1 marketing

ID ENGINE - Attract


customers rapidly with relevant offers and messaging while realizing up to 22-times better response rates vs traditional direct mail

ID ENGINE - Convert


responses into life-long customers

In direct marketing, a mailing list is not just a way of reaching your market. It IS the market.

Does Your List Have Incomplete or Outdated Information? Let us help.

Combine multiple lists into one database to make sales calls easier and more targeted.

Find duplicate entries and purge them.

Add names, phone numbers and/or email addresses for a more personal contact

Database Marketing

Did you know?

  • 45 million people or 1 out of 6 families move each year.
  • Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail is costly to both the Postal Service and its customers – about $1.5 billion a year for the Postal Service and $20 billion for the mailing industry.
  • Poor address quality related to data entry mistakes and unqualified mailing lists will negatively impact your customers
    and bottom-line.

ID ENGINE will ensure data accuracy through USPS official verification and identify current resident full names.

The More You Know About Your Customer, The Better Your Marketing Will Be!

In a recent ID Engine direct mail campaign our client received a


and captured an


How’s that for phenomenal?

We’d love to give you the same opportunity!

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