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Mass Marketing casts a wide net.

This type of marketing promotes products and/or services to as many people as possible without differentiating how various segments of the market might respond. In fact, the idea is to broadcast a message that will reach the largest number of people possible.

When combining the paid newspaper subscription with a newspapers’ free shopping newspaper edition – you have the opportunity to reach virtually 100% of the households in your target market!

83% of adults say that they regularly or occasionally read or look at newspaper preprints.

81% of women who receive or purchase a Sunday newspaper seek out the ADvertorials.

Mass Marketing with Targeting = Differentiated Marketing

ADvertorials (also widely known as Free Standing Inserts) provide advertisers with an affordable advertising vehicle. Furthermore, they allow for prompt execution and precise targeting capabilities. Ultimately, it’s an effective way to reach budget-conscious consumers who seek value and reliability in the products they purchase. Since large retailers utilize newspaper inserts, your ad draws attention, since consumers view the FSI as a trusted source for value.

An ADvertorial has tremendous available exposure and offers you an extensive reach. First, flexibility in circulation options (zoning) makes an ADvertorial a great option in any marketing budget. Second, frequency options allow you to test an offer in the market and measure response quickly. Lastly, Newspaper inserts, on average, are kept in homes for 3 or more days (62 percent keep them 3 or more days).

Add the ability to zone your ADvertorial by message and zip codes and you’ve effectively created a Differentiated Marketing Campaign. With ADvertorials, we provide the unique ability to target various market segments with different campaigns. For example: A fast-food chain might offer a hamburger promotion in college towns while marketing a more health-conscious product — such as a selection of fresh salads — to zip codes in well-off suburbs.

You can zone a newspaper down to the zip code level and enjoy low media costs on insertion rates. The cost ends up being substantially lower than Direct Mail. In fact, you will achieve more brand awareness by running inserts in the newspapers than Direct Mail. People go to the newspaper searching out inserts.

ADvertorials delivered via newspapers provide a tangible advertising medium that is cost efficient and flexible on size. ADvertorials offer zoning and targeting capabilities and are valuable and trustworthy to consumers.

And the BEST part? We do all the heavy lifting! We work with every type of newspaper on the market and provide all zoning recommendations and media reports. Additionally, you have one touch-point to create, print, zone and execute your ADvertorial campaign. Plus, we work directly with all the newspapers so you don’t have to. It’s all part of our All-inclusive Marketing strategy.

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